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Luna Online: Free MMORPG and Dating Sim

GPotato is best known for FLYFF – Fly For Fun. However, the free to play MMORPG portal features a variety of other games by various developers, ranging from the cute new Dragonica, to the amazing Rappelz. Gpotato even has a variety of amusing mini flash games on their site.
GPotato currently has another game in Closed Beta – Luna Online. The official Luna Online website features gorgeous anime-styled illustrations. However, not much information is available via the gPotato site. I tried to get into the closed beta, but the link did not work for me. If I become aware of any changes, I will update this article.

Luna Online appears at first to be a typical MMORPG. The classes and races don’t offer much variety, although the site boasts over 40 different jobs to choose from. The graphics are cute but simple and not overly impressive as far as I can see. Two aspects stand out about the game, though. The first is a farming system, which allows you to grow crops, pets, and even vehicles (although this statement makes me think of a car growing out of the ground, I doubt they meant it that literally).

The second is a match-making system. After poking around the website a little bit, I discovered that Luna Online is not just an MMORPG – it also doubles as a Dating Sims. When you create your character you choose a personality and interests for him or her. When someone enters the screen with similar interests, a “Heart Alarm” goes off to “show love at first sight.” Players can go on dates in game and enter date-only dungeons. If the date goes well, the players get rewards.

But it doesn’t end there. When a date goes well, the characters get a chance to marry. Once a marriage takes place, the players can “adopt” children to share the family name and become a nice little in-game family. What about same-sex marriage and dating? I am uncertain about that, though I believe that is a possibility for the future.

Luna Online has two faces – you can either go on for the pure monster-killing MMORPG fun, or you can go on to socialize. Go on a couple of dates and create a family. Perhaps this is a way to prepare for the future. Or a nudge from the all-knowing world of the internets to get away from that computer screen and go experience the real thing. Either way, this is one to check out.