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Making Money on Runescape with Rune Running

An easy and highly effective way to make money on runescape is rune running. Rune running is simply running from a bank with 25-27 UN NOTED rune essence for rune crafters who couldn’t be bothered. This requires no skills whatsoever and has a high pay. There are two different methods to run rune essence, fast free airs and fast free laws (members)
Fast Free Airs-

Fast free airs is the F2P (free to play) rune running method. To use this method a player must:

1) be wearing an air tiara (explained later)

2) have 25 un noted rune essence in there inventory

3) optional-completed rune mysteries quest

To start this process head to falador bank in world 16. Withdraw 25 un-noted rune essences and an air tiara. Equip the air tiara and head down to the air alter south of fallador (shown in map). Enter the air alter and there will be heaps of people. Most of these people will be trying to buy rune essence.

There are 2 worthwhile payment methods that these players offer. The first is 25 noted rune essence and 2k (2000gp) for you 25 un-noted rune essence or 25 noted rune essence and air runes for your 25 un-noted rune essence. When accepting air runes I would accept no less then 150.

Now run back to the bank. Store your money/runes and rune essence and withdraw 25 un-noted rune essence and repeat.

Fast Free Laws-

Fast free laws is a member’s only method and is very much the same as fast free airs. First of all a player will need:

1) must not be wearing or carrying any armour or weapons (conditions of entry to Entrana)

2) have 27 un noted rune essence in their inventory

3) have a spare spot in there inventory

To start go to world 6 or 99 and un-equip and bank all your armour and weapons. Only withdraw your last tiara and 27 un-noted rune essences. Head down to poet Sarim. Speak to the monks of Entrana and if you are not wearing and weaponry/armour they will let you journey to Entrana. One there head to the law alter (shown on map) and enter. There will be lots of people trying to swap there laws for rune essence. Go up to one of them and trade your 27 un-noted rune essence for there noted rune essence and 27 law runes.

Now either leave the island via the boat or teleport (if you’re not using the no rune required teleport to lumby you must have the required runes which mean less rune essence and less laws). Now go bank your laws and rune essence and repeat. If you do not plan on using the laws for teleportation or the telegrab spells laws can be sold for 350-500 each. This means that in any 1 run you can make 9450-13500gp per run.

Using both of these methods I made:

Fast free laws- 300k per hour

Fast free airs- 75k+ per hour

I hope this guide will help you with your runescape financial problems. I would be more then happy to help.