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The Ninja RPG: Knowing Your Bloodlines and How to Gain Access to Them

Anyone who knows anything about the Naruto anime knows that each clan in a village normally has a specific bloodline that makes them a unique breed of ninja, and the Ninja RPG carries this out by supplying certain ninja in the game with Bloodline Traits. These traits have a wide range of effects, and are rare, but those who have obtained a bloodline are blessed with incredible power. But no worries if you were born a normal mortal, you can always buy a bloodline late on in the black market.
Bloodlines are awarded to ninja who have reached Genin level and have chosen to “roll for a bloodline”. This option becomes available to a ninja when they reach level 1 Genin and graduate the Ninja Academy. You can choose when to roll for your bloodline, but it really does not matter when you do so because it does not increase or decrease your chance of gaining a bloodline, so it’s recommended to roll as soon as possible so if you are lucky enough to gain a bloodline then you start to reap the benefits quicker.

The bloodlines in the Ninja RPG have different effects but pretty much serve two purposes. There are Regen Bloodlines that increase the amount of Chakra and Stamina you recover over a 60 second period of time. The other Bloodlines unlock secret techniques that are only available to members of that Bloodline. Here is the list

Lesser Demon – User gains +10 Regen points

Evil Harpy – User gains +13 Regen points

Demon – User gains +15 Regen points

Banshee – User gains +18 Regen points

Evil Sand Demon – User gains +20 Regen points

Mythical Dragon – User gains +23 Regen points

Ancient Demon – User gains +25 Regen points

Fallen Angle – User gains +30 Regen points

Epic Demon – User gains +50 Regen points

The above are Bloodlines that add to a ninja’s Regen rate and allow them to recover their stat pools very quickly. Many are available for purchase in the Black Market by spending Reputation points, but the most powerful are reserved for those lucky enough to roll that bloodline. The following are Bloodlines that unlock special techniques

Blood Enchanted Eyes – User gains access to the following Genin and Chunin level jutsu: Mindtrick and Hypnotic Annihilation

Blue Blade Eyes – User gains access to the following Genin, Chunin, and Jonin level jutsu: River Shadow, Flash Step, Lightning Scythe.

Ancient Phoenix – User will gain +20 Regen points and access to 1 Genin and 1 Special Jonin level technique: Firebreath, Storm of the Dead

The following 4 Bloodlines were released during the summer of 2007 and are considered to be the most powerful when it comes to unlocking special techniques.

Phantom Reaper – This bloodline allows access to the following moves, each unlocked when the users ninja achieves a certain rank and each the strongest Weapon jutsu in that specific rank.

Genin: Phantom Earth, Chunin: Phantom Scythe, Jonin: Phantom Control, Special Jonin: Reaper Transformation.

Basilisk Demon – This bloodline will give the user access to the most powerful Genjutsu in the game for each rank.

Genin: Shadow Binding, Chunin: Idle Sight, Jonin: Breath of Doom, Special Jonin: Eyes of Fright.

Metallic Skin – This bloodline is allows the user to the most powerful Taijutsu in the game with accordance to that ninjas rank.

Genin: Enraged Fists, Chunin: Heavy Headbuttt, Jonin: Metallic Offense, Special Jonin: Silver Strike.

Legendary Nin – This bloodline allows the user to gain access to the most powerful jutsu of the highest rank. This means that any Special Jonin ninja with this bloodline would have access to the most powerful jutsu from around the Shinobi world. The following are the Special Jonin level techniques awarded with the Legendary Nin bloodline.

Infernal Gates, Dark Thunder Summon, Demonic Torture, Blade Tornado Attack.

Bloodlines are an important part of the Ninja RPG, just like in Naruto, so it is important to gain access to one as soon as possible. If you roll one, great, but if you are like most of us you’ll have to gain enough Reputation points to purchase one in the black market. Knowing the bloodlines is not only essential for you as a ninja because you need them to become stronger, but knowing an opponents bloodline will help in forming a strategy to defeat them.