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WoW Classic TBC Alchemy Levelling Guide


The following guide will show you the fastest and the most efficient methods of training your Alchemy profession from level 1 to 375 in The Burning Crusade. A good recommendation would be to level both; Alchemy and Herbalism together to save a ton of time and WoW Classic TBC Gold by farming the required herbs.

Where can I learn Alchemy?

You can learn the profession from any of the trainers that are listed below, respective to your faction. If you have any doubts about where you can find them, you can talk to any of the guards in the capital city for directions and a red flag will be marked on your map.

Horde Faction Trainers – Classic: Whuut in Orgrimmar, Doctor Marsh in Undercity, Kray in Thunder Bluff, and Camberon in Silvermoon City & TBC: Alchemist Antonivich in Hellfire Peninsula.

Alliance Faction Trainers – Classic: Vosur Brakthel in Ironforge, Tel’Athir in Stormwind City, Milla Fairancora in Darnassus, and Lucc in The Exodar & TBC: Alchemist Gribble in Hellfire Peninsula.

How can I level up my Alchemy?

Levels 1 to 60

Start off by making Minor Healing Potions, which will require exactly 65 Peacebloom, 65 Silverleaf, and 65 Empty Vial to make. Keep the resulting products with you, as you will need them later.

Levels 60 to 110

At level 60, you can make lesser Healing Potions that will require 65 Minor Healing Potion and 65 Briarthorn.

Levels 110 to 140

At level 110, you can switch to Healing Potions that will require 35 Bruiseweed, 35 Briarthorn, and 35 Leaded Vial.

Levels 140 to 155

Once at level 140, you start making Lesser Mana Potions, requiring 20 Mageroyal, 20 Stanglekelp, and 20 Empty Vial. For the last 10 points, the recipe will be yellow, so you may end up making a few extra. If you don’t have Stranglekelp or if Firefin Snapper is cheap, you can make Fire Oil. Alternatively, you can continue to make Healing Potions till 155.

Levels 155 to 185

At level 155, start with Greater Healing Potions, which will require 35 Liferoot, 35 Kingsblood, and 35 Leaded Vials. If you had previously made Fire Oil, you can alternatively make Elixir of Firepower.

Levels 185 to 210

Now switch to Elixir of Agility, requiring 30 Stranglekelp, 30 Goldthorn, and 30 Leaded Vials. In any case, if you don’t have a good number of Goldthorns, then make Mana Potions or Lesser Invisibility Potions till level 195. If you don’t have them at all, then make Nature Protection Potions from 190 to 215. The recipe for Nature Protection Potions can be purchased from vendors listed on the official wiki page. However, the supply is limited, so it may take some time to spawn since players often purchase them.

Levels 210 to 215

At level 210, make Elixir of Great Defence, which will require exactly 5 Steelbloom, 5 Goldthorn, and 5 Leaded Vials.

Levels 215 to 230

At level 215, make Superior Healing Potions, which will require exactly 15 Sungrass, 15 Khadgar’s Whisker, and 15 Crystal Vials.

Levels 230 to 265

At level 230, Make Elixir of Detect Undead, which will require exactly 45 Arthas’ Tears, and 45 Crystal Vials.

Levels 265 to 285

Now switch to Superior Mana Potions, which will require exactly 60 Sungrass, 60 Blindweed, and 30 Crystal Vials.

Levels 285 to 300

Moving on, you will need to make Major Healing Potions at level 285, which will require you to have 40 Golden Sansam, 20 Mountain Silversage, and 20 Crystal Vials.

Levels 300 to 315

Starting from level 300, you can choose to make any of the following; Volatile Healing Potions (15 Golden Sansam and 15 Felweed), Adept’s Elixir (15 Dreamfoil and 15 Felweed), or Onslaught Elixir (15 Mountain Silversage and 15 Felweed). Alternatively, if you find cheap herbs, then you can make a few more classic potions. However, it is only recommended until level 315 because you learn Elixir of Healing Power after that. Since it’s a useful potion in TBC, you won’t be wasting your TBC Classic Gold making the item. You can make the following potions; Major Mana Potion (51 Dreamfoil and 34 Icecap), Greater Arcane Elixir (60 Dreamfoil and 20 Mountain Silversage), Greater Fire Protection Potion (17 Elemental Fire and 17 Dreamfoil), or Greater Arcane Protection Potion (17 Dream Dust and 17 Dreamfoil).

Levels 315 to 330

At level 315 for this wow classic TBC alchemy guide, you can start making Elixir of Healing Power, which requires exactly 25 Golden Sansam and 25 Dreaming Glory.

Levels 330 to 335

At level 330, switch to Elixir of Draenic Wisdom, requiring 5 Terocone and 5 Felweed. However, if you have Ragveil, then make Mad Alchemist’s Potion.

Levels 335 to 340

At level 335, make Super Healing Potion that requires exactly 10 Netherbloom and 5 Felweed to reach the desired level. However, if you don’t have Netherblooms, then continue with the previous recipe five more times.

Levels 340 to 355

At level 340 for this wow classic TBC alchemy guide, it’s time to make Super Mana Potions, requiring 30 Dreaming Glory and 15 Felweed to reach the desired level. The recipe can be purchased from Daga Ramba of the Horde and Haalrun of the Alliance faction. If you are of the Horde faction, then it is recommended that you purchase the Major Dreamless Sleep Potion recipe from Duga Ramba too as you will need it later.

Levels 355 to 375

Finally, in order to max out levelling alchemy TBC, you can start making Major Dreamless Sleep Potions that require exactly 40 Dreaming Glory and 40 Nightmare Vine. The recipe is sold by Leeli Longhaggle of the Alliance and Daga Ramba of the Horde faction. Also, for the last 3 points, the recipe will be green, so you might end up making more. Alternatively, you can make Elixir of Major Shadow Power, requiring 40 Ancient Lichen and 40 Nightmare Vine, and the recipe is sold by Nakodu, who is located at the Shattrath City for levelling alchemy TBC. However, you will need a Revered reputation rank with the Lower City to purchase it.