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New World Crafting Guide


Crafting is a huge profession in the game of New World, and it offers various items to craft that include, furniture, armor pieces, and potions. You could easily level up in the game by solely crafting and never killing a mob or approaching expeditions. Yes, it is time-consuming, but it’s just an example of the role that crafting plays in the role.

There are several different resources that you can gather; from Gold to Orichalcum, and over thousands of items to craft, with many more to be added with future updates. However, before you start crafting there are a few resources that you need to gather. It’s similar to ‘RuneScape,’ where you walk around in the open worlds to cut trees, locate fishing spots, mine rocks, etc.

You can’t collect everything at the very beginning, as you need to level your skills in each of the gathering roles, such as logging, mining, engineering, etc. For instance, you can’t mine Gold Ores until you reach level 45 in mining. Once you’re at a certain level, you can begin tracking down routes for resources. Since not every resource shows up on the tracker or world map, you have to wander around and explore the open world. It’s worth noting that the world map provides you with a detailed overview of where to locate different resources.

Refining Materials

Refining is a process where useless resources are turned into valuable materials. For instance, turning Iron Ore into Iron Bar, and then smelting it into an armor piece. Doing so increases the material’s value, and you also get experience. However, it isn’t that simple.

To perform refining, you need to utilize the workshops in different settlements. At the very beginning, none of the territories had tier-3 workshops, and players had to complete the Town Board missions to progress further. Thus, making it a difficult task as only the faction leaders could upgrade the workshops.

Tier-3 also introduces reagents, which are items used during crafting to gain extra resources from the process. For instance, petal caps are earth reagents, and they are also used in various recipes.

Crafting Items

Once you have gathered the necessary resources and refined them, it’s time to increase their value. You won’t be able to craft an extraordinary item at the very beginning, but as your progress, crafting is an ideal way to make New World Coin and earn EXP to level up.

Similar to the other leveling mechanics of the game, crafting also has a specific set of skills and requirements. Some can even take a while to level up, such as Engineering, and that’s why it’s vital to choose one item to craft and stick to it. If you’re a part of a faction or company, then look for what your group specializes in and choose a different profession. It’s a nice way to balance things out because some might be skilled in crafting melee weapons, while others are specialized in crafting ranged weapons.

How to level up?

Leveling up is a grind, and there’s no way to deny that. You might get bored crafting several arrows before you reach your desired level. Bigger items may offer immense EXP upon crafting, but the resources required are greater. So, in this New World Crafting guide, here are a few tips to get you through with every profession.

To grind it out, aim for steel tools to speed your resource gathering, and then use those resources to craft smaller items that are greater in number, such as Arrows. To craft steel tools, you need iron and silver, but trust me, the invested time to upgrade is worthwhile.

The best way to level up Engineering is by crafting multiple Spears until the desired level is reached. A good suggestion would be building thousands of iron cartridges, which is a simple and affordable way; however, you need to gather a ton of Saltpeter.

The best way to level up Armor Smithing is by crafting several Leather Gloves. You can always opt for other leather items, but you will require additional iron.

Speaking in terms of Stone Cutting and Cooking, you are required to have stones and rations. You can prioritize over gems and refine them for an immense EXP boost while training Stone Cutting.

Furnishing required a ton of resources to make something worthwhile, which is a bit of a nightmare. So, if you’re looking for fancy house furniture, then start cutting!

Arcane leveling is a bit tricky as there are several different recipes and resources to consider. However, do make sure that you collect buckets of water to make the potions, and then spam through until you max out for this New World Crafting Guide.

How to craft better equipment?

There are only two ways to craft better equipment. Either add Azoth or add Special Ingredients or Items. Yes, you can attach special items to your weapon that are found across Aeternum, Expedition Runs, and Treasure Chests.

These items can be added during the process of crafting, and every item offers a different and extra buff to your equipment, such as additional Dexterity. The chances of obtaining an additional high-tier perk depend entirely upon the amount of Azoth you add during the process. In other words, the more the Azoth added, the better the chances of obtaining random attributes or perks.

Adding additional efforts in crafting equipment can be beneficial for a player’s gameplay, and even in terms of making gold. The Trading Posts or Auction Houses (whichever term is preferred) are a hotspot for players who trade, so even if you’re not making enough at the very beginning, you’ll get there soon.